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For more than 20 years, JJ Garden Designs has been creating exceptional gardens within Suffolk and beyond.

Our training and experience in Garden Design, Horticulture, Construction and Surveying is extensive. From small private gardens through to exclusive commercial projects – we are proud of our reputation and hope the following pages provide you with a taste of what we do best – designing and delivering remarkable gardens. Just take a look at our portfolio and testimonials…

“Melissa and I think the plans are fantastic - what great ideas you have included.”

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The Difference

Qualified and experienced designers and horticulturalist, accomplished in surveying, civil engineering, soils and botany.

Passionate about great design that works in real life, we listen to our clients. We create beautifully detailed, hand-drawn designs and believe our planting surpasses all others. We love gardens!

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On-Site Garden Design

The original and the best ‘Consultation Design’ service available. By far our most popular product, we can provide a detailed, scaled drawing on-site in 3 hours for £185!

Fully Qualified Designers

With both experience and academic qualifications under our belt, we can truly offer you the most comprehensive design service around.

Awareness of Potential

If you thought your garden was too small, large, shady or steeply sloping, don’t worry – we can work with your site to unlock it’s full potential. That’s a promise!

Horticultural Expertise

Both James and Jane have horticultural qualifications. More than that, they have years of experience working with plants of all types in all environments.

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Ask us Anything

Q: How long will the process take from start to finish?

This can vary considerably. An on-site ‘Consultation Design’ for a small garden will be completed in just three hours, leaving you with a scaled sketch of your garden’s potential. If you have a larger site and wish us to take you through the full design process (including construction and planting), it can be up to a year.

JJ Garden Designs | Team | Jane


Q: Will my designer listen to my needs and wishes?

Many customers express this concern when we first meet. I can assure you that your brief is the basis for our design. We will, of course, advise you if we feel there is good reason – design / technical – to divert from the brief. But it is our overriding aim to create a garden that you are delighted with and that works for you.

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January top five garden tips

Winter Weather

Strong winds and frosts may cause damage this month.  Check tree ties and stakes, tighten or replace if necessary.  Wall shrubs and climbers should be securely tied into their supports.  Also, check recently planted specimens are ‘firmed in’ as frost and wind may have loosened or lifted the roots


If the weather has been dry enough, consider staining or preserving timber pergolas, fences etc.  It will be much easier at this time of year if you have deciduous climbers attached to these structures.  We recommend using a ‘Dark Oak’ coloured preservative as it will give a good backdrop for the plants.


If you wake up to a Winter Wonderland, remember that the weight of snow can easily cause branches to break.  Gently brush the snow off conifers, hedges and climbers and any other susceptible plants.  A soft broom is best!


Your lawn may become waterlogged at this time of year.  Best to keep off it as much as possible – consider using boards if your have to stand on the grass to work.


Perennials and grasses left for winter interest may be looking a bit tired by now.  Start cutting them back ready for a new show in springtime.