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JJ Garden Designs can produce a Planting Plan at any stage of the design process. In fact, it may be that a Planting Plan is all that you require.

For a small garden (or just a border or two), a plan may be completed as a ‘Consultation Planting Plan’ during a 3 hour on-site visit. A more thorough plan will certainly require a site survey, client brief and many hours at the drawing board of course.

Either way, we will provide you with a scaled drawing with all the plants named and positioned. Often, the Planting Plan follows on from the Full Design Service, either during design/construction or after completion of the garden.

Some of our clients have enjoyed using the Planting Plan to source the plants themselves and to do their own planting. More often, we are asked to source, prepare borders and to plant as well. We have some wonderful, specialised trade nurseries, often hidden away in the middle-of-nowhere, who regularly provide us with our choice of plants. It is not unusual for us to use six or seven different suppliers in order to source all the plants for one of our designs!

Of course good design and construction are vital parts of creating an outstanding garden. However, the planting is surely the icing on the cake…

The colours that change with the seasons, the aromas that drift across your path, the sensation of velvety grass against your bare feet on a summer’s day, the taste of fresh herbs in your cooking…

The overall result is marvellous and whilst working out there on preparation and planting, we had an amazing number of approving comments from passers by and neighbours.”

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