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Small gardens – perhaps our favourite? Maybe it’s the challenge of producing a scheme that works aesthetically, practically and all year round within a limited space.

Creating a small garden that still looks fresh on a winter’s day is no mean feat. It requires a solid knowledge of design, plants and materials alike to achieve the right result. But we think we have done that time after time…take a look at our small garden design ideas in our Portfolio.

The Design Process

“The most fun a designer can have at the drawing board!”

Our smallest garden yet measured just 5m x 2m- what a delicious challenge! The result was a delightful courtyard garden and a delighted client. And here’s how it can work for you…

On-Site Consultation Design

The original and the best ‘Consultation Design’ service available. By far our most popular product, we can provide a detailed, scaled drawing on-site in 3 hours for £265!

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Full Garden Design Service

Some smaller gardens can be more complicated (on a steeply sloping site, for example). In such cases we may recommend a Full Design Service.

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Quotation to Build

Once we are happy that you understand and adore your design, we can offer you a quotation to construct your garden. These quotations are fully itemised.

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Garden Construction

Whether JJ Garden Designs are working on a large or small garden or on a commercial design, the construction process will be much the same.

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Garden Planting

JJ Garden Designs can produce a Planting Plan at any stage of the design process. In fact, it may be that a Planting Plan is all you require.

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Selected Projects