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East Bergholt

Small Garden

The existing small garden at this new house in East Bergholt had great potential, with a pleasant brick boundary wall and attractive garage building. JJ Garden Designs have created a courtyard style layout with extensive planting to provide a calming place to sit, eat and relax.

Garden Design Suffolk UK | JJ Garden Designs

A secret oasis softened with plants

Garden Design Suffolk UK - JJ Garden Design

A generous terrace on which to enjoy the sun

JJ Garden Design | Suffolk | UK 1

Step out of the house into an exotic courtyard

Partially concealed amongst the planting, a large urn water feature gurgles softly, cooling the air. Picking up on the style of the boundary wall, a low, serpentine wall meanders behind the small table and chairs and through the planting. The style of planting mirrors the hot dry nature of the garden and gives the feeling of a more exotic, holiday climate.


Mediterranean style planting

JJ Design Simpson Suffolk

A Cretan urn water feature amongst the plants