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Plant of the Month

April 20, 2021 by James Cooper

This month we are singing the praises of a super little tree which should bring a smile to your face in the spring and also the autumn, the Amelanchier lamarckii.  As we are starting to run out of time to plant new trees in the garden this is a last minute call to act.

Plant of the Month Amelanchier

Amelanchier lamarckii

Originally from North America this little tree forms a neat, shrubby shape which is clothed in foamy star shaped flowers in March and April.  The flowers are followed by coppery-pink leaves which turn to a pleasant green-yellow colour as the season moves on.

In autumn the Amelanchier’s final performance is for the leaves to turn scarlet and crimson before falling in mid autumn.

Birds will also love it’s small autumn fruits, last year we had a pair of Bullfinches who returned each day to feast.

This tree is always at the top of our list for small and medium size gardens as it has such a long season of interest and is extremely undemanding and easy to grow.