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Plant of the Month – August

August 1, 2017 by James Cooper

If you want instant exotic in your garden the Agapanthus is the plant.  Originally from southern Africa and oozing feelings of sunny climes the Agapanthus is one of our favourite perennials for a hot border.

Agapanthus Lilliput

Agapanthus Lilliput

This month we have chosen a small variety of this much loved plant, put it in a pot on the terrace or plant amongst Origanum and Sedums.  Agapanthus ‘Lilliput’ grows to 40cm high and wide giving a pintsized alternative to it’s larger cousins but with all the impact.  Agapanthus like to live a cramped life style so don’t worry if the pot they are in seems a bit tight, if you want to plant them free make sure you add plenty of grit to give a free draining soil.

As with most Agapanthus, keep an eye out for slugs who will enjoy munching on the newly developing leaves early in the year.

Time to heat up the garden!