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Fabulous Calamagrostis

July 20, 2020 by James Cooper

This month the plant which we feel contributes most to the garden and is a talking point whenever visitors come is the Calamagrostis x acutifolia ‘Overdam’.  This grass is everything a grass should be, remaining stiffly upright even after heavy rain with great autumn tones too.

JJ Designs-Garden Design Suffolk-Calamagrostis

Calamagrostis x acutifolia ‘Overdam’

We like to group three or so in a small group to give more impact and provide interest into the autumn and winter months.  For a stylish look try a group of clipped box pyramids with Calamagrostis planted amongst them and Knautia macadonica for some flower interest.

Maintenance is fairly easy for these grasses, cut them to 20cm in the late winter once they start to look a bit haggard.  It is preferable to split them every five or so years to maintain their upright habit.