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Plant of the Month – February – Spring bulbs

January 30, 2016 by James Cooper

Early flowering plants are in the vanguard of spring. Spring bulbs such as Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) brave the winter weather and will provide welcome colour and interest to the garden.

Try grouping winter amonites, snowdrops, cyclamen and crocuses for a tapestry of colours under deciduous trees.  Remember it is better to plant bulbs in groups of at least 6-8 and preferably more to give a good display.  Over time they will spread and give a more natural appearance.

spring bulbs including snowdrop

Plant of the Month- spring bulbs

Planting tips

Most spring bulbs like free draining soil in a sunny spot, making use of the available sunlight before the other plants come into leaf shading them out.

They can be planted ‘in the green’ at this time of year or wait until autumn to plant the dormant bulbs.

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