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Plant of the Month – February – Sarcococca

February 3, 2018 by James Cooper

February is on the cusp of Spring but there is still a bit of Winter left to contend with.  Bulbs are an important part of early Spring, but this month we have chosen a small evergreen shrub which has a bit of a party trick.  Many a time have I wondered around a garden at this time of year when a sudden, heady fragrance is experienced.  Mostly it turns out the culprit is the Sarcococca.

Vibrant green Sarcococca in a garden

Sarcococca – plant of the month for February

Planting tips

Sarcococcas like a sheltered spot in deep or partial shade where they will happily provide a small dense mound of dark green leaves.  The picture above shows Sarcococca confusa, grown alongside an ugly drain, which it disguises beautifully.

The RHS encyclopedia states that this plant ‘tolerates neglect’ which is a good endorsement for a low maintenance plant.

We like to group Sarcococcas with Liriope muscari, Pachysandra terminalis variagata and Epimedium for a great shady combination.

There’s no reason to put up with a dreary, dark corner of the garden when the Sarcococca can fill the role with ease. Be inspired in our Garden Portfolio.