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Plant of the Month

November 29, 2022 by James Cooper

After seeing the low Autumn sun shining through the new flower heads of our recently planted Miscanthus ‘Morning Light’ we had to award it our plant of the month.

This grass has been one of our favourites for many years as it has a rigid, upright stance and refuses to be knocked down by strong winds or rain.  Lasting well past the New Year before being cut to the ground in early Spring.

Use as a single statement plant or plant in groups or even as a hedge to bring an interesting prairrie style to your planting schemes.  We like to group these grasses with Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ and Abelia grandiflora.  The key to success is to be bold with the size of your grouping, try grouping 5 of each of these plants together.

Plant in full sun in well drained soil and protect from harsh frosty winds until established.  Also a good choice if your garden is plagued by deer or rabbits.


Miscanthus Morning Light

Miscanthus Morning Light

We can’t think of a plant which gives back so much at this time of year when visually the garden is in retreat.