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Plant of the Month – June – Saxifraga Dentata

June 7, 2016 by James Cooper

This month we are championing the Saxifraga Dentata, a close relation to London Pride.  A beautiful, small plant which has evergreen rosettes of dark green, spoon shaped leaves whose edges look like they were cut with pinking shears.

We like to team it up with Carex elata, Fatsia japonica and maybe a small hosta to give a lush, cool effect in a shadier part of the garden.  Who says shade is a problem?

Lush shady green plants including the Saxifraga Dentata

Saxifraga Dentata

Planting tips

The picture above is in our own garden, beneath the kitchen window on the North-East facing side of the house.  Plant the Saxifraga close to the edge of the path so, once it spreads, a softer edge can be achieved. Be inspired in our Garden Portfolio.