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Plant of the Month

June 1, 2019 by James Cooper

As the summer starts we thought our plant of the month should bring a feeling of warmer climes – namely California.  The Carpenteria californica is a plant we think is not seen often enough, it has so much going for it.  Once considered too tender to be grown successfully in the UK, although we have one in the garden and it has shrugged off the ‘Beast from the East’ without a murmur.

plant of the month carpenteria

Carpenteria californica

Grow this handsome evergreen shrub close to, or against a sunny wall where it will reward you with a sunny display of white, fragrant saucer shaped flowers.  It does like a good drink every now and then to mainatin its beautiful glossy foliage.

We like to team the Carpenteria with Euphorbia mellifera to give a sun drenched feel to a courtyard – underplant with Origanum, Salvia officinalis and Stachys byzantina ‘Primrose Heron’

Go on, search out this under used shrub and bask in California warmth.