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Plant of the Month – March – Chionodoxa

March 10, 2017 by James Cooper

What a punchy little plant we have this month, the Chionodoxa Forbesii.  It may be small but that vibrant sky blue is like a shot in the arm during this early spring dullness, when the garden is still waking up.

Blue flowers of the Chionodoxa forbesii in a winter garden

Chionodoxa forbesii

Planting tips

Plant this bulb during the autumn in well drained soil where it will get plenty of sun.  We like to group them with Primrose and Snowdrops which will all flower together.

Because this bulb is early flowering it is useful to place around plants which are late risers, such as Hostas and ferns.  Also bear in mind that because it is quite small position them nearer to a window or a path you use during the early springtime.

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