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Plant of the Month

March 14, 2022 by James Cooper

This month we have been thinking about plants which are suited to very challenging areas in the garden.  One of the most difficult conditions to establish planting is beneath deciduous trees, dry soil and shade together present a double whammy.

Gallantly overcoming this challenge is this month’s plant of the month, the Euphorbia amygdaloide var. robbiae.  A short, evergreen plant which spreads easily by underground runners, eventually forming a dense, weed suppressing blanket.

In early spring it bears upright spikes of lime green flowers which contrast with dark green glossy foliage.  If carefully managed it will grow well alongside other shade loving plants – we like to team it with Epimedium and Lamium.

Grow in rich, well drained soil in shade or partial shade.  In autum time remove the flower spikes, remembering to wear gloves as the milky sap is an irritant.


euphorbia amygdaloides plant of the month

Euphorbia amygdaloides

So, if you are bored with that shady border which never seems to be able to give a home to any plants try this Euphorbia.