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Plant of the Month March

March 3, 2018 by James Cooper

In March the garden continues to struggle though the last chapter of winter, but warmth is starting to be felt from any sun.  This month we have chosen an underused but versatile plant which will give a warm glow to the garden, the Libertia peregrinans.

Emanating from Australia and New Zealand the Libertia has a ‘Phormium in miniature’ appearance and comes into its own during our winter.

JJ Garden Designs Suffolk Libertia

Plant of the Month for March – Libertia

Libertia peregrinans takes on a warm orange glow when temperatures fall and, with the low sun shining through the  sword like leaves, the effect is magical.  This libertia is a well behaved, clump forming individual which will slowly send out smaller offspring which can be replanted elsewhere.  Plant in either sun or shade for an unusual addition to your garden.  If you plant this one in the sun, team it with Thymus ‘Bertram Anderson’ to give a fabulaous colour combination.