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Plant of the Month

May 7, 2019 by James Cooper

This is our favourite Geranium.  We love it’s handsome, velvety sage green leaves and the low dense mounds it creates.  Perfect for softening the edges of a paved area or a gravel path.  The flowers emerge in early May and are delicate, pure white, detailed with violet stripes.  This geranium isn’t too fussy about position, thriving in both partial shade and full sun.  The preferred soil is moist, free draining although it is fairly tolerant of most types.

Geranium renardii

Plant of the Month for May – Geranium renardii

We like to use it as a ground cover in full sun and team it with Lavander, Salvias and Sedums.

So, if your prefer your springtimes to be a little less frantic in the garden we suggest finding a spot for this fantastic plant.