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Plant of the Month

May 22, 2023 by James Cooper

If there was ever a plant that provokes comment it is the Allium ‘Purple Sensation’.  When planted in generous drifts through perennial planting it brings a spectacular impact and raises a border onto another level during the Spring.

Planmt of the Month May

Allium Purple Sensation

There are an enormous amount of Alliums or ornamental onion varieties available but we have always loved the simplicity and visual impact of the ‘Purple Sensation’.  It will slowly bulk up in number, spreading by seed until a border is a billowing mass of purple flower heads in mid May.  The flowering time of Alliums will replace the fading tuilp bulbs giving the garden a boost during mid Spring.

In Autumn plant the bulbs in well drained fertile soil in full sun to ensure the best display.  Alliums are generally drought tolerant once established, simply remove the foliage once it starts to get tatty.  We like to team Alliums with Nectarscordum siculum, Geranium renardii and Miscanthus ‘Morning Light’ for a cottage style border with a modern twist.

Bees, butterflies and moths will love the Allium’s pollen rich flower heads adding to the usefulness of the bulb.

If you want to give a sunny border the Chelsea treatment then you definitely need to try the Allium ‘Purple Sensation’.