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Plant of the Month

May 9, 2018 by James Cooper

As with most good things there is a downside – this month we have chosen the Gallium oderatum as our plant of the month.  Let’s get the downside out of the way first, it does tend to spread, although only slowly and it is easily controlled.  The upside is that it loves growing in difficult positions, namely beneath hedges and trees, where it form a lovely low evergreen mat.  In May white flowers appear to complete the reason for our recommendation.

Gallium oderatum

Gallium oderatum

So, if you have a difficult area of a border which is in dappled shade and a bit dry too, this could be answer.  Keep a close eye on it however.  We team it with Hosta, which are strong enough to compete with the Gallium, and spring bulbs to give a great spring display.  The Gallium will grow over the spent bulb foliage, keeping a neat show.