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Plant of the Month

November 9, 2019 by James Cooper

A great wildlife friendly addition to your garden, the large Cotoneaster ‘Rothchildiana’ shrub is well suited to being grown as a small tree.  With long, lance shaped evergreen leaves on arching branches this tree really earns it’s keep.

Cotoneaster Rothchildianus tree

In spring, large clusters of white flowers cover the branches and give bees and other insects a useful nectar source and later, in the Autumn yellow berries follow to give the birds a real feast.

The berries hold on well into the Winter, often remaining until after New Year.

This Cotoneaster makes a wonderful evergreen screening tree to provide privacy in an overlooked garden or to hide an unsightly view.  We use this species on new development planting schemes in groups of three or four to give useful wildlife cover.

A small tree, the Cotoneaster will grow slowly to reach 5m and will be happy in full sun or partial shade, growing in most soils, although preferring a moist, well drained postion.  Once stablished, this tree is tolerant of drought conditions.

If you want to keep your blackbirds and bees happy and give your garden a bit of screening, this could be the tree for you.