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Plant of the Month

April 23, 2024 by James Cooepr

There are only a small handful of plants which we would miss terribly if they weren’t available, one of them is the Choisya family and more specifically the Choisya ternata.  This shrub forms the  backbone to many of our planting layouts and is vital in bringing structure to the garden in all seasons.

JJ Garden Designs Suffolk - plant of the month April

Choisya ternata

Handsome evergreen foliage with long lasting white flowers with a manageable height of around 1.80 – 2.0m this Choisya can easily be trimmed to any size after flowering.

Perhaps the ternata’s most useful characteristic is it’s adaptablity to a wide variety of aspects and soil types, seemingly growing well in most situations.

We like to use it as a useful mound shape in a larger border with a group of tall Miscanthus grasses and perhaps some Hebe ‘Mrs Winder’ for company.  The picture above shows a ternata grown together with a Lonicera nitida and a Lonicera pileata, making a lovely tapestry of leaf sizes for a driveway entrance.

You really can’t go wrong with this plant of the month so what are you waiting for?