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A Tale of Two Gardens

Small Garden

Over the last year it seems that gardens have become an oasis to counter the effects of the pandemic.  We have been sent numerous pictures from customers who have been spending more time than usual in their newly created gardens.  Here are two examples, completed in the last two years showing an individual oasis.

Oasis Garden in Framlingham

This garden is in Framlingham, on a new development, limestone paving and setts are combined with billowing planting to soften the edges and create a softer feel to the garden.  A gazebo building can be seen lurking in the background.

Limestone paving and setts

This picture, taken as a panoramic hence the curving effect, is in Ipswich and was completed just as the first lockdown happened.  The original garden, whilst being greatly loved had become over mature and too enclosed.  A summerhouse can be seen at the end of the garden, giving a pleasant place to sit and view the garden from a different aspect.

Thank you to both our customers for sending these pictures, its always nice to see the gardens being nurtured and flourishing.