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Garden Oasis in Leiston

Small Garden

At the end of last year we designed this small garden on a new development in Leiston.  The soil and drainage was a concern, new developments do tend to suffer from both of these problems.  As part of the house building, a small amount of paving was laid close to the house which the customer was keen to retain.  The design adds to this surfacing to create a more interesting and attractive garden.

Garden Designs Suffolk Diggger Clearing the Garden

As with most of our projects we go backwards before going forwards – stripping the existing turf.

Garden Design Suffolk New Planted Garden

After the new paving and setts have been laid, the planting.  Whilst the new plants are small it’s amazing how quickly they will grow to create a beautiful oasis.

Garden Design Suffolk Water Feature and Planting

After a few weeks of careful tending by the new owner, the planting is starting to fill in.  Amongst the plants, an urn water feature lurks, bringing a cooling effect to the circular terrace by the house.  In the back ground we have constructed something we call a ‘wrap wall’, a low wall which wraps around the terrace creating a more comfortable place to be.  Taller plants will grow from behind this wall to give a softer feel.


We were contacted recently by the customer, who has since moved to a new house and has asked us to design them a new garden there.  They were sorry to have left their previous garden and sent us the following pictures of it

.JJ Garden Design Suffolk Leiston 01

JJ Garden Design Suffolk - Leiston 02

JJ Garden Design Suffolk Leiston03

JJ Garden Design Suffolk - Leiston04

JJ Garden Design Suffolk Leiston05