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Hidden Garden in Ufford

Larger Garden

During the early part of this year we were involved with designing, building and planting a garden in Ufford near Woodbridge.

This scheme was part of a wider restoration of a beautiful house in the village which included a new garden room extension.

Spliting the garden into two parts, a small, wonderfully traditional barn was adapted to create an enticing view through to a hidden garden.

The owners of the house are enthusiatic gardeners and wanted a scheme which they could spend time relaxing and working in.


Part of the courtyard garden – a glazed urn water feature can be seen in the foreground.


View across the courtyard.


An existing barn created an unusual division between the two sections of garden.  An opening though the barn was created to allow an enticing view through to the hidden garden beyond.

A view to encourage you to explore the garden.

A curved path leads around the second, more spacious part of the garden and allows for a change to a more relaxed style.  Since these photographs were taken a new summerhouse has been installed at the far end of this part of the garden – pictures to follow

A curved path starts the route around the garden.


View back to the barn.


A sunny place to sit and view the garden and new planting.

Within the garden a small area to grow fruit trees trained as espaliers was included.

Place to grow espalier fruit trees.


The view back to the house.


The follwoing pictures were taking during a recent visit to see how the garden has progressed and before it was opened to the public for a charity event.

The summerhouse is now in place and proving to be a great place to sit to view the garden from a shadier aspect.

JJ Garden Design - ufford summerhouse

View to the Summerhouse

JJ Garden Design Ufford Summerhouse

Pathway Through Planting.

JJ Garden Design - |Suffolk

Looking Back Towards the House – the plants have filled out giving the garden height.

JJ Garden Design Suffolk

A place to sit for the last of the afternoon sun