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Martlesham, Suffolk

Larger Garden

JJ Garden Designs undertook this large scheme as part of a wider house renovation and enlargement. The existing house is single storey and is set on a gently sloping site with a swimming pool at the lowest point.

JJ Designs Farquharson Martlesham Suffolk

Constructing the main terrace areas

jj-designs-farquharson-martlesham UK

The newly completed terrace


A small timber platform nestles amongst a planting of lavenders and herbs

The modern style of the house is reflected in the landscape materials chosen and the planting style. A bespoke, stainless steel bowl water scheme was incorporated amongst the planting close to the main terrace giving movement and interest to this area.


Terrace and pergola, softened with plantings

JJ Garden Designs Farquharson Martlesham Suffolk

More exotic planting near the swimming pool