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Seaside Garden – Orford

Small Garden

At the beginning of last year we were asked to redesign a small garden in Orford.  The garden had been left to nature for a time and had become overgrown.  The new owners will use the house as a weekend retreat and required a low maintenance layout with a seaside style.

The existing twin levels within the garden are to be retained together with a mature Cordyline and Aspen tree.


JJ Garden Design Orford Garden

The Upper Level – before work starts


JJ Garden Designs Orford Before

The Lower Level – before work begins

As part of the new garden, the existing fencing is to be replaced with a slated timber style to allow additional light to come into the garden.

JJ Garden Design -Orford upper level

The Upper Garden

Limestone paving was combined with smooth granite setts to bring a mildly contemporary feel to the garden.

JJ Garden Design Orford Seaside

View to the Lower Garden

In order to give a sense of division to the garden, stout oak posts were set each side of the steps.  This feature also reinforces the seaside style.

The planting has a definite beach theme with Eryngium, Pennisetum grasses and Armeria in the upper level.  The lower part of the garden has a more Mediterranean style with Cistus and Salvias.

The Main terrace is of generous proportions and has the benefit of a timber pergola to give shade.

Beneath the pergola, provision has been made to accomoadte an outdoor sofa set – a great place to sit and enjoy the evening sun.

JJ Garden Design Orford Gravel Path


The path into the garden has a looser feel with a gravel path edged with setts.

The rocks to one side of the path prevent earth being washed off the border onto the gravel.  Once the groundcover planting in this area mature these rocks will be hidden.

Designers – JJ Designs Ltd

Construction – GRO Landscapes Ltd