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Terraced Garden in Melton

Larger Garden

We were asked by the owners of this interesting, contemporary house in Melton to completely redesign the front and back gardens.  The brief was fairly straightforward – the new garden needs to be an oasis and must settle the house into its surroundings.

JJ Garden Design Grove Suffolk2

The sloping nature of the garden required retaining walls to create terraces with steps linking the levels togethe

JJ Garden Designs Grove Suffolk1

The design of the house includes floor to ceiling windows, making the view into garden even more important.

These steps lead onto the upper lawn and a bench nestled amongst the palnting.

JJ Garden Design Grove3 Suffolk


JJ Garden Design Grove4 Suffolk

The steps from the lower terrace clsoe to the bi-fold doors give a pleasant route around the garden.

A steel estate fence was installed across the upper retaining wall to prevent falls.


JJ Garden Design Grove8 Suffolk

The view across the back garden shows the different levels.

JJ Designs Grove5 Suffolk

The main terrace in the lower portion of the garden – a generous size dining area surrounded by plants.  In the evening, subtle border lights bring a magical effect to the garden.

JJ Garden Design Grove6 Suffolk

In the upper part of the garden, a bench is positioned to give a diiferent view of the garden.  Oak uprights have been used for the retaining wall together with an unusual ‘broken biscuit’ type surface beneath the bench.

JJ Garden Design Grove7 Suffolk

Some of the new planting is semi mature which helps to give an immediate impact, the wisteria in the forground is already making its way up the pergola post.